Ann Clin Nutr Metab
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Yang IJ, M.d. , Oh HK, M.d. , Ph.d. , Lee J, M.d. , Suh JW, M.d. , Ahn HM, M.d. , Park H, B.s. , Sim HH, B.s. , Cho YB, M.d. , Ph.d. , Lee IK, M.d. , Ph.d. , Ryoo S, M.d. , Ph.d. , Lee DW, M.d. , Kim DW, M.d. , Ph.d. , Kang SB, M.d. , Ph.d. .  Development of the Korean Version of the Gastrointestinal Quality of Life Index Questionnaire.  Ann Clin Nutr Metab 2022;14:32-37.