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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Literature evaluation of selenium and relevant clinical outcomes

(or participants)
Selenium supplementation Results Reference
BPD Prospective observational 79 infants with VLBW or GA ≤32 - Duration of oxygen dependence increased by 58% when the plasma selenium level was lowered by 0.1 μM/L Darlow et al. [29]
Prospectiveobservational 38 preterm infants with GA ≤32 - Serum selenium concentration was lower at 1 month after birth in patients with BPD (38.5±14.1 vs. 45.4±18.7 mcg/L, P=0.02) Mostafa-Gharehbaghi et al. [30]
Prospective observational 54 preterm infants with GA ≤30 - No significant difference in selenium level between infants with and without BPD at 1 month after birth (P=0.40) Peirovifar et al. [31]
ROP Prospective Observation group: 30 preterm infants who had high risk of ROP
Control: 18 normal infants
- Preterm infants with ROP showed much lower level of serum selenium than normal infants at term (121.74±97.54 vs. 202.92±44.71 mcg/L, P<0.01) Yang et al. [33]
RCT 534 VLBW infants 7 mcg/kg/day (PN) or 5 mcg/kg/day (oral) No significant difference [relative risk 0.91 (0.69–1.21)] Darlow et al. [34]
RCT 38 preterm infants 3 mcg/kg/day (PN) No significant difference Daniels et al. [35]
Sepsis RCT 534 VLBW infants 7 mcg/kg/day (PN) or 5 mcg/kg/day (oral) Fewer infants in the selenium group experienced nosocomial sepsis after the first week of life (25.1% vs. 33.3%, P=0.038) Darlow et al. [34]
RCT 38 preterm infants 3 mcg/kg/day (PN) Incidence of sepsis, defined as microbiologically confirmed or requiring antibiotics for at least 5 days, was greater in the PN without selenium group (79%, n=15 vs. 42%, n=8, P≤0.05) Daniels et al. [35]
RCT 90 VLBW infants 10 mcg/day (oral) The total incidence of any LOS (i.e., culture-proven as well as probable sepsis) was significantly reduced by selenium supplementation [7/45 (15.55%) in selenium vs. 22/45 (48.88%) in placebo, P=0.001] Aggarwal et al. [36]
Hypothyroidism Prospective 29 ELBW infants 2 mcg/kg/day (PN) No significant correlation between serum selenium level and hypothyroidism Klinger et al. [10]

BPD = bronchopulmonary dysplasia; ROP = retinopathy of prematurity; RCT = randomized clinical trial; VLBW = very low birth weight; GA = gestational age; ELBW = extremely low birth weight; PN = parenteral nutrition; LOS = late-onset sepsis.

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